Community Support

Restoring Hope is dedicated to supporting organizations that support juveniles. 

Mentor Iowa Scholarship Program

Mentor Iowa is a scholarship given to high school students who have been in the court system, participated in our programs, and have a desire to continue on to higher education or begin apprenticeships. The scholarships are awarded in the honorable Judge Colin Witt’s name to increase awareness of the state of child welfare within our community.

Restoring Hope has more students succeeding every year and the need to grow this scholarship fund is great. Contributions given to this scholarship program will further Colin’s belief that when we come together, we are able to be one another’s harvest-no one gets left behind.

Want to give funds to be used specifically for our Mentor Iowa Scholarship program? Donate here.

dollars in scholarships to-date

Boys 2 men

On average, the number of males in the juvenile court system is more than double that of females*. Growing up is hard for any kid but when the odds seem stacked against you, it is almost unbearable. In the Des Moines Public School system, youth transition from middle school to junior high at sixth grade. Students often struggle as they move from the comfort of their small elementary classroom into the much larger, and more populated, junior highs.

The BoysToMen program gives fifth grade boys the tools they need to help with this transition, to prepare them for the challenges and experiences they may encounter in junior high, and to give them a solid group of friends of whom they can rely upon to be a positive influence as they grow into manhood. BoysToMen is an after school program that includes a book club that teaches tools for positive transition and positive life decisions.

Restoring Hope covers the cost of these books as well as provides funding to cover snacks and supplies for the after school program.


Compassion Fund

Restoring Hope supports Ellipsis through the Compassion Fund by providing gas cards to help kids and families access behavioral health support and counseling services. Ellipsis serves almost 450 kids and families across 26 counties in Iowa, making travel difficult and cost prohibitive. This will help to ensure access to treatments as well as help families to come and visit youth in residential facilities.

Gift cards will also be provided for staff to have the discretion to help normalize conditions for youth while in shelter, transitional or residential living.  i.e. new book, purchase new coat, fingernail polish or purchase equipment to join a school club or sport.


Next Up Kits

Next Up Kits are provided to all youth who are in respite, shelter or who graduate from transitional/residential housing.  They include new bedding, toiletries, and basic housecleaning supplies as the take the next step forward.   These kits will now also include the Caldecott Winning book, After the Fall: How Humpty Dumpty Got Back up Again by Dan Santat.  This poignant and beautifully illustrated book focuses not on the fall itself, nor the adversity he faced after,  but how he summoned the courage to face his fears and learned how to get back up on the wall.  (We will be donating 50 books to get this program started as that is average yearly discharge rate).

Funds given to Restoring Hope will help support community organizations.